Appraisal District Boards 
General Overview of Board of Directors

Public Notices:

Board of Directors Election Information:
The 88th Texas Legislature passed new legislation for counties with a population of 75,000 or more, calling for three members of the Appraisal District Board of Directors to be elected by the public at a general election.  The first election for Bowie Central Appraisal District
Board Members At-Large Place 1, At-Large Place 2 and At-Large Place 3 will be held on May 4, 2024.  For additional information please contact the Bowie Central Appraisal District Chief Appraiser, Mike Brower or contact the Bowie County Judge's office for an election application. 

District Board Agenda   Board of Directors Minutes

Board Of Directors
Robert Sheppard, Chairman
Amy Bowers, Vice Chairman
Paul Miller, Secretary
Jay Davis
Mike Carter

ARB Agenda

Appraisal Review Board 
Roy Freeman, Chair
Rodney Hartfield, Vice Chair
Raymond Long, Secretary
Donald Moore
Joe House
Wayne Poe
Ron Morrow