The Texas Public Information Act allows the public the right to request access to government information.  All persons who request information must do so by submitting a written request that includes enough description and detail of the information you are requesting allowing the government body to accurately identify and locate the items which you are requesting. 

PAYMENTS must be made in advance before any request will be processed.  All completed requests are final and non-refundable.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand the data files being purchased.  The Bowie Central Appraisal District provides all products/data "as is" withouth warranty of any kind and is not responsible for recreating data files free of charge due to incorrect ordering of data.


All requests for Public Information must be in writing to protect the rights of the requestor, as well as, the rights of the District. 

Requests for Public Information are processed in the order they are received and will receive a response within ten business days. 

The 80th Texas Legislature added Section 552.148 to the Texas Governement Code.  This new law, effective June 18, 2007, excepts from disclosure information concerning property sales, descriptions, characteristics, and other related information provided by private entities to appraisal districts.  This information may be disclosed to property owners of their agents for use at their protest hearings.  Due to this change in the law, commercial and residential sales data is no longer generally available. 

Open Records Request Form